Door drops are particularly environmentally friendly thanks to a sustainable circular economy.

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Why Useful

Helping to save money.

Every third person discovers special offers in the retail sector thanks to door drops. Promotional mail supports in particular low-income households through providing important information for price comparisons. If this form of advertising disappears, consumers with limited financial resources will be discriminated.

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The door drops value chain employs half a million people.

Securing jobs.

Door drops maintain jobs in the local economy: The industry employs around half a million people from paper production to delivery. An opt-in rule would put these jobs at risk.

Supporting the older generation.

Door drops are a relevant source of information, especially for people aged 60 and over, or less online-savvy consumers, when planning their purchases, for example.

Our factsheet

Here you can read the most important facts about our initiative at a glance.

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Door drops promote local businesses and strengthen social interactions.

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Door drops preserve natural resources thanks to a well-functioning circular economy.