Door drops promote local businesses and strengthen social interactions.

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Why local

Strengthening social cohesion.

Door drops strengthen social interactions in cities and municipalities and promote social participation. More than 25% of non-profit advertisers use door drops to inform the population about offers and activities of cultural and educational institutions, municipalities and sports clubs.

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Door drops support
local businesses

Guaranteeing regional visibility.

Door drops support local businesses. Through the possibility of regional control, advertisers can directly draw attention to promotions and offers. This supports the local economy, particularly in times when postal mail is already having a hard time due to online competition and the after-effects of the pandemic.

Conveying locally relevant information.

Door drops prevent local information loopholes and can consequently save long journeys. Those who are informed about local offers and promotions and shop locally not only act sustainably, but also contribute to dynamic city centres.

Our factsheet

Here you can read the most important facts about our initiative at a glance.

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Door drops secure jobs and are an important source of information for many citizens.

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Door drops conserve natural resources thanks to a well-functioning circular economy.